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Call Pennsylvania Pain Management if pain is interfering with the quality of your life.

Any person who experiences pain resulting from an illness, injury or surgery that persists beyond the expected healing time and has not responded to recommended conservative treatment deserves an evaluation in a qualified pain management program. Constant pain interferes with the performance of your daily routine, your ability to work and your overall enjoyment of life.

Pain can affect both your physical and mental health, which can lead to a lack of motivation to perform daily tasks, go to work and provide for your family. You might turn to alcohol or drugs to combat your pain, which leaves you feeling depressed and alone.

You deserve to get your life back. You deserve the highest standard of care available.
Our Goal Gold Star

It is our goal to help improve the quality of your life which will allow you to return to gainful employment and increase you day-to-day activities. We will provide you with a better understanding of the pain you experience. We will strive to help you manage and reduce your pain.

We are a referral-based practice. Please have your referral doctor or primary care physician contact us.